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Hi! Welcome to my website! My name is Emily. I am 13 years old and I like boys and I like to write, draw, and make music(Listen to music too). Some other things i like to do are to play videogames and play volleyball. I sometimes like to play soccer and football with my cousins and my friends. My favorite football team is the Seahawks and my favorite baseball team is the Mariners. Oh! I love to play baseball, NOT softball, even though I'm a girl. If you have any questions or comments just say what you want to say in the message box. And by the way, starcrossed is the name of a TV show that I adore, just in case you were wondering why the site is called starcrossed.You can sign the guestbook if you would like.

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I didn't draw the picture on the end, but you get the idea that i like to draw. I hope.....

Seahawks Web Page Mariners Web Page

Here's a DIY I found interesting:

DIY: Chalkboard in a color of your choice!

Ok, so there's this youtuber that is absolutely amazing and so pretty, her name is Rachael and her account name is Rclbeauty101! You should check her out!